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Don't give out your personal information.

Keep your full name, address, mobile number, email address, school name and friends' full names secret. Otherwise people can use this information to contact you.

Your passwords and nicknames should be secret. If you have to give an online screen name or nickname, never use your real name, and try not to use things that are easy to guess like your parent’s name or a pet's name.

Never meet up with an online friend.

Never arrange to meet an online friend, no matter how well you think you know the other person or however curious you may be.

If you’re determined to meet an online friend you should always tell a parent or teacher and make sure they go with you.

Don't open 'spam' mail.

If they have your email address some websites will send you lots of spam emails trying to sell you things, or messages that make you feel uncomfortable. This is called ‘spamming’.

Delete any emails from people or companies that you don’t know. If you open an email that says rude or unpleasant things, you must tell a trusted adult straightaway - and don’t reply to it.

ICT Policy

Please see 'policies' section of this website.

Online safety:

Protection of children from on-line access to undesirable materials:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) filtering and blocking service. 
  • Children may not use the internet without permission or play any games considered to have violent content. 
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