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Adopt an author - Y6 Project 2024


Email from Guy - week 1

--Star-Log Entry 001--

To the humans of Year 6,

Remember me? Guy Bass, the author that you thought only wrote about monsters, creatures and mad things? Well, turns out I write the odd word or thousand about robots too. It was a labour of love working on SCRAP and I’m excited that you’ve boarded a rocket ship to Somewhere 513. I hope you’ve been enjoying your adventures on the Pile, the Outskirts and beyond, in the first free robot city in the galaxy, New Hull.

Thanks for sending me your writing! I loved reading your work more than Gnat loves pretending to be a robot.


The image of Gnat happily jumping up and down as Scrap drags himself inside the hover train is hilarious – I wish I’d thought of it. You also really capture the dynamic relationship between Paige and Gnat, with Gnat demanding that Paige helps Scrap, but Paige still enforcing her big sister status.


I love your lively writing style. It has a great pace and there’s an energetic feel to  the action. And I especially enjoy your sound effects. Plus, you use one of the finest words ever invented – Gobbledegook! Brilliant.


Your use of description is fantastic – full and clear without treading on the pace at all – nice one. I also love Scrap’s line spoken through gritted teeth: “Get off me … human” – it communicates so much in only a few words.


Lovely descriptive language. What I like most was how you play with pace – when the girls settle down you think that’s it, they’re never going to see Scrap again, then BANG! You really keep the reader on their toes.


Great dialogue. You keep the interactions between the characters punchy and well-paced, and it really helps to move the action along without getting bogged down in description. Not easy to do – well done!


This is a really funny exchange. I love how Paige is so impatient with Gnat and doesn’t believe her when she spots Scrap hanging on to the hovertrain. This is a great example of using dialogue to ramp up tension as well as for comic effect.


I laughed out loud at Scrap’s line after Paige is rude to him: “I’m still -zk- here you know” – great work. It’s a brilliant way to make it clear to the reader how the characters see each other.


“Yuck why is it green?” Good question! This is a really evocative and well-paced piece of writing. You keep the action moving quickly while still making sure reader knows everything they need to about the characters’ relationships and situation. Great.


I really like the exchange between the sisters here. The moment where Gnat is looking out of the carriage and then Paige pulls her back in is effective, clear and succinct. Fantastic work.

Great writing all round! Keep it up.

Right, I’m off to write a book. Or possibly have a sandwich. Or both.

Enjoy your continuing adventures at the edge of the galaxy, and don’t forget to UPGRADE.


Email from Guy - week 2


Star-Log Entry 002

To the humans of Year 6,

Sorry about the late reply! Your last message didn’t reach me. I blame the instability of interstellar space radio. Unless … could something more sinister be afoot? The mysterious machinations of the Fargone Corporation, perhaps? Or the plots and ploys of Mayor Highshine?

This week I’ve been writing the second draft of the second book in the SCRAP trilogy, going through artwork for the Stitch Head: The Pirate’s Eye Graphic Novel and writing an outline for a possible Spynosaur TV show. I also had a burger and played 27 games of Jenga.

But enough about me! Thanks for sending me more of your writing. I hope you’ve adapted to your new lives on Somewhere 513 and the robots aren’t giving you too much trouble – given that you’re outlawed, and all that.


Mighty is such a great character! Larger than life, showy and excitable – everything that would frustrate Scrap and remind him of the ‘bot he used to be. You’ve made clever choices about your character here, who immediately changes the dynamic. I love that Gnat is so impressed, and also how helpful Mighty is – all things that are bound to wind up Scrap.


Jimbo-Limbo-600-the-III’s introduction is hilarious! I love how he keeps shortening his name. Scrap’s reaction also says a lot about how he feels about both himself and Jim (“He’s junkier than me, and that’s saying something”) – this is a quick, clean and clever way to let your reader know about Scrap’s state of mind but also setting up potential future tensions. Great.


This is a lovely, dynamic sequence Eli, and you cleverly ramp up the excitement. You write very efficiently here, creating a moment of held tension before it suddenly explodes into something action-packed and exciting. Well done!


You demonstrate an acute understanding of how to use character dynamics to create comedy. The deadpan, monotone DaV3.1 is the perfect foil for Gnat, who’s full of beans and relentlessly excitable. You also add a lovely, sisterly exchange between Paige and Gnat – it’s such a nice touch that Gnat decides she doesn’t need upgrades not because she’s human, but because she’s already perfect!


“…but my friends call me Carol.” Brilliant! This genuinely made me giggle. I really enjoyed the exchange between the characters but the standout description for me in your piece was Scrap’s reaction to seeing the other robots – “He just stood there in envy.”  This is what good writing is all about – your description of the city means so much more to the reader because of how it makes Scrap feel. In storytelling, ‘why’ is so much more important than ‘what’.


This is an excellent sequence – fast-paced, action-packed, tense and very funny. Not easy to do all that at once! I love that De8-Tr0y-U couldn’t compute the sight of the human, Gnat (wish I’d thought of that) and ended up squishing an orange against his face. Such a simple image but it really stuck with me.


Tr8-ter wins the prize for best name! This is a great exchange, with your robot outclassing an increasingly frustrated Scrap at every point. Also, Tr8-ter’s half-robot and half-human heart is a great idea. As I get close to finishing the second book in the SCRAP trilogy, I’ve got to tell you, great minds think almost-alike…


I was gripped by your writing! L1ghtning 78 appears to be real threat to the sisters, blasting a hole in the hovertrain and being genuinely terrifying. Then you throw the reader a curveball, with the robot turning out to be anxious at the sight of Paige’s grenade. Also, “And you nearly killed us. RUDE!” is a great line.


One regret I have about the first SCRAP book is I didn’t have time to explore the life of the junk cases on the Piles more, so it was lovely to read your piece about Junkcase 9.5. He seems like a decent ‘bot, even if he could be kinder to spiders! (I really liked how Gnat was scared of the spider and then distraught to see it blasted.) Your description of the junk case is fantastic – The line “his pink iron torso was like a mirror showing people’s reflection” is great.

Great writing all round! Keep it up.

Right, I’m heading back to Somewhere 513. See you there!

Enjoy your continuing adventures at the edge of the galaxy, and don’t forget to UPGRADE.

Guy Bass

Email from Guy - week 3

                                                                                                                                                Star-Log Entry 003

To the humans of Year 6,

Hello again! Like you, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Somewhere 513. In fact at the moment I basically live there as I race to finish the second draft the SCRAP sequel, entitled (Goldstone exclusive title reveal!)


It was also my birthday yesterday which means I’m now (checks calendar and star charts) OLD. But apart from opening presents, I got to enjoy your brilliant posters, inviting robots to a better life in New Hull…


Absolutely brilliant work, Beau. There’s so much in-depth information to absorb in your poster. This is the kind of inspired writing I could imagine finding as an easter egg in a sci-fi comic book – the sort of thing I would have pored over for hours as a kid. It’s genuinely inviting too, with enticing language and witty, vibrant artwork (I love the planet thought bubble). You made me want to find my cog life!

Emily B

‘You haven’t been anywhere until you’ve been Somewhere’ is such a good tagline. I’m so impressed with how you’ve laid this out, like a sort of informational pamphlet telling a ’bot everything they need to know about life on 513. ‘More of a golf bot?’ So good! Your chatty writing style really pulls me in, and you include so much in-depth information that I reckon you might know this world better than me. The piles as a playground for climbers … the bungee jump off Highshine’s tower … the coupons offering discounts on upgrades – I’m honestly blown away by your work.


Okay, I officially want a hovercar – those things look awesome.

There’s so much fun information in here, George – I especially enjoyed your ‘Things to Do’ section – Bot Tennis followed by Mini Bot Tennis really made me smile! Also, I wish I’d thought of ‘Junkball’ – kicking around a poor junk case. Robots can be so cruel … Great writing.


What I liked most about your writing is the focus on Somewhere 513 being human free. It’s starts out as a simple, inviting idea and then, slowly but surely, a more sinister air creeps in. The first column talks about ‘paradise’ and ‘dreams’ but by the third column words like of ‘betterness’ and ‘salvation’ suggest 513 might not quite be the wonderland is appears. Lovely work.

And I really want to go the Binary Art Gallery!


‘Imagine Heaven, But in Planet Form’ – seriously Kiyan, have you been reading The Good, the Bad and the Rusty? Either that or you’ve read my mind…

What you do so well here is cover all bases by making sure there’s something for everyone – relaxation, excitement, adventure, culture, fun … how could a ’bot resist? I also love the section on nature – it’s not something I really had tie to explore in the book but I love the idea of the robots exploring beyond the city and appreciate the natural world around them.


This is definitely the most inviting advert – so much colour and artistic flare, and I love the ‘open me’ flap and fun facts! I enjoyed your focus on younger robots and family life – a free upgrade on your birthday is in inspired idea. And I laughed out actually loud at the picture of the shiny, grinning robot with the tagline ‘This could be you later!’


‘Come today and enjoy your stay’ – can I steal that? So good. My favourite part about your poster was that you really leaned into the anti-human rhetoric, which creates an uneasiness even as you feel drawn into the possibility of a new life on the planet. ‘Use the Code IHATEHUMANS1’ is a brilliant line – there’s something so clever about a discount code with sinister undertones! Also, tell me more about the Zap O Gun…


I’ve been trying to think of a title for the third book in the SCRAP trilogy and ‘Kingdom of the Robots’ is up there! The layout of your poster is great – it’s all inviting, and makes the planet seem like robot heaven. The quote from Gnat-Bot 99 is an inspired touch – I love the idea that a non-robot is being featured in publicity material for the first free robot planet in the galaxy. My favourite line is ‘walk down the upgrade catwalk’ – the idea of robots modelling their new cases is just sooo New Hull, dahling!


Using thought balloons to emphasise the ‘Dreams Come True’ tagline is a great idea, Vinnie. The visual of the road leading to a bright future in New Hull is really clever. Your writing here is lovely too – so many good ideas like the Upgrade Lottery (Live it, Love it, Upgrade it’ is a fantastic line!) and the ‘Commit Now’ Bot Bout discount. Great!

Honestly, I’ve found writing this latest draft of SCRAP 2 really tricky, but reading your brilliant posters has genuinely inspired me. Thanks!

Off back to Somewhere 513, then. See you there!

Enjoy your continuing adventures at the edge of the galaxy, and don’t forget to UPGRADE.


Guy Bass

Email from Guy - week 4

--Star-Log Entry 004--

To the humans of Year 6,

Hello again, again! Again.

So, first of all, SATs. You never have to do them again, ever. Maybe you loved every minute of them and, if you did, congratulations. But I’m going to hazard a guess that some of you found them stressful and weird, because that’s what testing is – stressful and weird. Either way, you never have to do SATs again, EVER.

Moving on. I’ve literally just finished the second draft of SCRAP: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE RUSTY (still a Goldstone exclusive title reveal!), which is good news. Why is that good news?

Because it means I can come and see you.

‘But waaaaaiiiiiit, we’ve already seen you,’ I hear you mutter. ‘We saw you back in 2021. We also might have slightly bumped into you every year since ‘cause you keep coming back to haunt the halls of Goldstone like an annual ghost’.

Well, I’m back again, and I’m talking to you! Again! But about robots! See you this actual Thursday.

In other news, I was lucky enough to read more of your writing!


This is fantastic writing. There are so many playful touches here. I love how you add a tension (‘Is the pressure of the humans mounting on you? Is you FreeWill disappearing?’) while maintaining a light, breezy tone. And the ‘reincarnated’ quote from 1-L0v3-Th15 is great!


All the flashes and shapes bring an explosive excitement to your advert Sienna. ‘Number one place for robots, especially up and coming robots’ really made me laugh. It made me want to move! Except for the slight snag of being human. Lovely work.


You win the Rainbow Award for most colourful piece! I love how vibrant this is, but it’s also packed with information and some cracking lines – ‘Like Disney Land for robots’ … ‘Here, you can let your personality beam out of your case’ … ‘100% human free, and that’s a guarantee’ – just a few of my favourites.


‘Gooden Ramsey’s Finer Dining Oil Restaurant’ – brilliant! I wish I’d thought of dining oil, what a great idea. Order me an ‘Oil Mary’ next time you’re there! I really enjoy how you expand the world with additions like Clank’s Spa and the Pile Gold Club. Great stuff.


This one is packed! So much brilliant wiring in here Jasmine. You do such a good job of inviting the reader in with rich, enticing language like the wonderful ‘truly infectious pocket of paradise’ and ‘countless days and nights of endless fun’ – and then throwing the odd off-the-wall curveball (‘junk case head bowling alleys’!) Excellent work.


I love your bright dawn imagery! It’s a really vibrant poster, with lots of nuggets of inviting info. I like the layout enormously. Also, starting from the premise that ‘bots have something missing in their life (‘bored of being a scrappy, rusty robot?’) is a classic advertising technique you cleverly employ here.


More brilliant advertising slogans from you, Isla. ‘Are you wanting to look as gorgeous as your personality?’ Sweet yet sinister! And free drones with the purchase of charge points is another idea I genuinely wish I’d had. The picture of the sunset is hilarious, with the robot portrait on the wall! Superb.


‘A cog-bustingly cool circuit city!’ Such a great line. I love all the neat images you’ve created – the No Humans Allowed signs, the ‘Bot Bouts poster (awesome looking robots by the way) and the 3D text. And the Relocation Reward Scheme text is so well done.


When I was creating the adverts for Somewhere 513 that appear in the book I looked at a lot of material from the ‘Ten Pounds Poms’ scheme, encouraging Brits to leave for a better life in Australia. Your poster captures a lot of that same energy and sentiment, putting the reader in mind of setting off on a journey of discovery and adventure – of the possibility of another life. Really well done.

I’ve love seeing more of your inspired posters. Ta!

Enjoy your continuing adventures at the edge of the galaxy, and see you very soon!

And, of course, UPGRADE.



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