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The Reception Children Put On Their Wellies for Forest School!

Reception have been very enthusiastic about their weekly visits to the outdoor classroom! Exploring the natural environment using the ‘Go Find It’ cards, the children have been looking at what they can see, hear and feel.  They have been busy playing in the mud kitchen with bark, flowers and leaves, making potions and soups.  The children have been very creative manipulating the clay and creating patterns with natural resources such as pine cones, shells and conkers.

As part of a mini beast hunt, the children have been very interested discovering new living things.  In particular they have loved turning over logs and seeing what creatures live underneath! 

Being outside has given the children the opportunity to really take in nature.  They produced some beautiful observational drawings using various media such as chalk and oil pastels. Bringing technology outside enabled the children to video the movement of plants and trees in the breeze.

As part of our outdoor experience, the children have been learning about taking safe risks, like climbing and swinging from trees.  They have also learnt about respecting their environment.  Everyone has loved taking time to notice and listen to the sounds that different birds make and the rustling of the leaves in the wind.  Alongside this, the children were able to witness the changing of the seasons.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful space to explore and enjoy! Just don't forget your wellies!

Y3 Become Pollinators!

Ruth, our school horticulturalist, has been running workshops in Year 3 to consolidate their learning about pollination and seed dispersal. She was very impressed by all the knowledge that the children had acquired during their recent trip to RHS Gardens at Wisley. She also showed them how to take cuttings.

4SB Tickle Their Tastebuds in the School Garden

During one of their time-tabled vists to the garden this term, Class 4SB were treated to some taste-testing of the delicious home-grown fruit and vegetables! Absolutely radishing!

June 21

Ruth the Gardener has put together a lovely presentation of the work that our school children take part in at our 'living classroom' both during lesson time and as a part of our lunchtime 'Gardening Club'. We hope that you enjoy it!

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