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  • Accessibility Plan

    The School’s Context

    Goldstone Primary school is a mainstream school for boys and girls age range 4 years to 11 years old. The school offers Nursery provision for children the term after they turn three years old. The school comprises of one school building. There is disability access for all classrooms (a lift is provided to access the lower ground floor, first and second floor) and main areas of the school.

    The School’s Aims

    • To be at the heart of our locality by working in partnership with families and the wider community
    • To be a learning community which fosters creativity, independence and a passion for learning.
    • To enable our children to develop the essential skills for a happy and fulfilled life.
    • To deliver first quality teaching, with high expectations for all, that enables children to succeed and achieve their potential.
    • To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports and celebrates learning
    • For all members of the school community to model positive, respectful relationships.

    We are working within a national framework for educational inclusion provided by:

    • Inclusive School (DfES 0774/2001)
    • SEN & Disability Act 2001
    • The SEN Revised Code of Practice 2014
    • The  Disability Discrimination Act (amended for school 2001)
    • Code of Practice for Schools (Disability Rights Commission)
    • OFSTED

    Our Aims are to provide:

    1. Full access to the curriculum
    2. Full access to the physical environment
    3. Full access to information


    To view our Accessibilty Plan, please click here.

  • Anti-Bullying Policy

    Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy Pupil Version (Unacceptable Behaviour Policy)

    At Goldstone we try to be a place where everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable and where we will treat everyone with care and respect. We want Goldstone to be a community where learning and personal development take place with trust and confidence. We believe that everyone in our community has a right to work and learn in a safe and happy environment and that bullying can make people feel unsafe and unhappy and is unacceptable. We value the special part everyone plays in the Goldstone community.

    To view our Anti-Bullying Policy, please click here.

  • Attendance Policy

    To view our Attendance Policy, please click here.

  • Assessment Policy

    To view our Assessment Policy, please click here.

  • Behaviour Policy

    To view our Behaviour Policy, please click here.

  • CCTV Policy

    The purpose of this Policy is to regulate the management, operation and use of the closed circuit television (CCTV) system at Goldstone Primary School.

    The system comprises a number of cameras located on the school buildings. All cameras are monitored under restricted access from the school office and are only available to nominated Senior Leaders, Administrative staff and site staff.

    This Code follows Data Protection Act guidelines. The Code of Practice will be subject to review bi-annually to include consultation as appropriate with interested parties.

    The CCTV system is owned by the school.

    For more information, please click here.


  • Charging & Remissions Policy

    For information on the circumstances in which charges are made or money refunded please read here.

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy - Are you concerned about a child?

    At Goldstone we strive to be a place where pupils, staff, volunteers, families and other visitors will be made welcome and comfortable and where we will treat each other with respect.

    We believe that all children and young people have the right to protection from neglect and abuse and that their welfare is of paramount importance.
    Goldstone is a place where learning and personal development takes place in a climate of trust and confidence and where we value everyone's unique contribution to our community.

    To view our Child Protection Policy, please click here.

    Link for Front Door for Families 


  • Complaints Procedure

    At Goldstone we want to work with children and their parents and carers to get the best results and the
    happiest school days for each child.

     Sometimes problems arise however and it is important that parents
    and carers know who to speak to in order that these problems can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

    Goldstone teachers are always happy to speak to concerned parents and your child’s teacher will
    normally be the first person to speak to in the event of a problem. If that does not resolve the issue or if
    you wish to speak to someone other than your child’s teacher in the first instance, then we have created
    this complaints policy in the hope that it will assist you and us in communicating effectively to solve any
    problems or issues that you want to bring to our attention.

    For more information on our Complaints Procedure, please click here.

  • Curriculum Policy

    To view our curriculum policy, please click here.

  • Data Protection and Privacy Policies

    To view our data protection policy, please click here.

    To view our data privacy notice for parents, governors, volunteers and visitors, please click here.

  • Debt Policy

    Many schools invoice external organisations or individuals for services or facilities provided.  In addition, Goldstone runs its own After School Club, Breakfast Club and Playschemes. It is important to have a procedure to ensure recovery of any debt or outstanding monies owed to the school.  Goldstone Primary School is committed to ensuring good practice in this area. “Bad debts”, as defined below, must only be written off in accordance with the financial limits contained in the School’s Scheme of Delegation. 

    The school welcomes conversations with anyone finding it hard to pay outstanding monies.  Please arrange a meeting with the Headteacher as soon as possible if you need to discuss alternative payment arrangements.

    For more information, please click here.

  • Eco Policy

    Goldstone Primary School is committed to educating its pupils about caring for and respecting the environment and developing responsible citizens who are able to make valuable decisions. Our use of the outdoors areas enables all children to connect with their environment in an authentic and meaningful way. The Eco Committee (comprised of 2 representatives from each junior school class) at Goldstone school has a key role in achieving many of our aims. However, we are ambitious that all children understand current environmental issues and feel empowered to be part of positive change. With our commitment to the “Our city, Our World” programme we plan for all stakeholders to subscribe to a sustainable ethos.

    For information, please click here.

  • Equalities Policy

    Our Equality Policy is inclusive of our whole school community – pupils/students, staff, parents/carers, visitors and partner agencies - who we have engaged with and who have been actively involved in and contributed to its development.

    For more information, please click here

  • Feedback Policy

    Our Feedback Policy

    At Goldstone Primary School we take a professional approach to the task of giving children feedback. We aim to have a consistent approach to the marking symbols used by individual teachers and therefore have a school marking code.

    Please for more information on our feedback policy please click here.

  • Freedom of Information Policy

    To view on our Freedom of information policy please click here.

  • GDPR

    Goldstone Primary School Privacy Notice relating to our children and parents

    For information, please click here

    Goldstone Primary School Privacy Notice relating to our school workforce and others

    For information, please click here

  • Governors Allowances Policy

    For more information, please click here.

  • Health and Safety Policy

    For information on our Health and Safety Policy, please click here.

  • Online Safety and Social Networking Policies

    The internet provides a range of social media tools that allow users to interact with one another, for example from rediscovering friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, to keeping up with other people’s lives on Twitter and maintaining pages on internet encyclopaedias such as Wikipedia.

    Whilst the widespread availability and use of social networking applications brings opportunities to engage and communicate with audiences in new and exciting ways, it is important to ensure that we balance this not only with our legal responsibilities, to safeguard and protect our children and staff, but also with the need to safeguard the school’s image and reputation.

    For more information, please click here to view our Online Safety policy.

    For more information, please click here to view our Social Networking policy.

  • Medicine Policy

    Please find our medicine policy here.

  • Procurement

    Goldstone Primary School endeavor to reduce the school’s carbon footprint. We will do this by considering environmental aspects, impacts and costs when purchasing products and services.
     Our practice will endeavor to ensure that they are less harmful to the environment (land, air and water) and that they are made with less harmful materials when produced, used or consumed. This will include, where possible; buying locally, buying recycled , recyclable and reusing. 

    For more information on this, please click here

  • PSHE and RSE Policy

    For more information, please click here to view our PSHE & RSE policy 

  • Religious Education Policy

    The aim of teaching religious education in our school is to give children opportunities to:
    a. develop their knowledge and understanding of the nature of religious beliefs and practices and the importance of these in the lives of believers and
    b. explore those aspects of human experiences which give rise to spiritual awareness and fundamental issues about beliefs and values. 

    For more information on this policy, please click here.

  • SEN Policy & SEND Report

    At Goldstone Primary School we are proud of our diverse school community and the support we give to children with particular needs and requirements. You can read more about our approach to Special Educational Needs (SEN) here.

    If you would like to discuss your child's special educational needs please contact the office to make an appointment with our SENCO Marg Gibbs or another senior member of staff.

    For more information on our SEND Information Report, please click here.

  • Severe Weather Policy

    Please find details of procedures here

  • Uniform Guidance

    Please find our uniform policy here

  • Whistleblowing Policy

    This policy is intended to provide individuals with an avenue to raise concerns within the School/Council. 

    For more information on the whistleblowing policy click here.

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