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Guy Bass - Excitement in Year 3!

Week 1 - Email to Guy from 3RA

Dear Guy,

We are 3RA and today, Frankie and Harrison are going to be writing to you.

We are really enjoying Stitch Head so far… it is really good. Frankie’s favourite part is Professor Erasmus Erasmus getting excited as he builds new creatures. Harrison thinks that the saddest part so far is that Stitch Head doesn’t want to be friends with the creature.

We have thought about some questions for you:

  1. How did you know what to do to create Stitch Head the book?
  2. Why did Professor Erasmus not just use a whole head, instead of stitching parts of a head together when he made Stitch Head?
  3. Why is the creature so excited when he meets Stitch Head? Is it because he has never met anyone before?
  4. Why did you make Professor Erasmus Erasmus SOOOOOO crazy?
  5. Do you have your own Stitch Head toy at home? Do you play with it to help you make up your new stories?

We are really proud of you for creating such an awesome book! Thank you

Lots of Love

Frankie and Harrison (and Mrs Aplin who is typing for us!)

Week 1 - Writing from Year 3

In week 1 the children have been learning how to create a character, write action and use sentences with more than one clause.  Here are just a few of examples of the fabulous writing the children in 3W have been inspired to produce...

He sighed as he watched the Spiker take flight for the first time. In less than a minute the monster will have bolted through the mist.

The Spiker was very colourful, mostly green and black with a dash of orange and purple. It was more unusual and peculiar than anything the professor had made before. Spiker’s eyes darted left to right and then it let out a high pitched Squeeek!!!! One of those ‘get me out of here calls’ that you hear when a hamster is being chased.

In the blink of an eye, the Spiker had silently fluttered out of the laboratory and up the dusty marble stairs to reach the misty balcony to break free. But luckily the padlocks were solid rock and would not break.

 Stitch Head scrambled off the rafters. ‘It’s trying to break free!’ squeaked Stich Head in desperation. ‘I’m nearly at the top of the stairs, just one more flight of stairs and I’ll be there….Oh no!’ screamed Stitch Head as the monster grew and grew. ‘Will I make it?’ he spluttered.

Stitch Head’s heart raced as he ran, feeling for a box of pills in his bag.

He took a deep breath as he gingerly grabbed on to the Spiker’s tail and climbed. The journey felt like it went on for ages. The monster’s ears were tiny and delightful but Stitch Head had to give medicine to Spiker somehow. Eventually Stitch Head reached the monster’s ears, pinched them and held on, as he slowly dropped a pill in his mouth.

By Amber in 3W

Stitch Head sighed as he watched the new monster sway her very long tail across the dark room. It was more shy and prettier than all of the other monsters that the Professor had created so far. As its long tail quickly slammed on the table, everybody jumped in shock. Professor was amazed but everybody else was terrified.

It’s four, stripy legs looked like tasty lollipops when moving. Her 3 metre long tail was spinning on top of her body whilst curling up into a ball. In seconds her long, shiny, blue wings flapped open and vanished into thin air. In the blink of an eye the monster hopped off the operating table as fast as she possibly could.

‘It’s by the flower bed, it’s going to pull all the plants out of the ground!’ he muttered anxiously. ‘If I don’t stop her, she could destroy the city.’

She was so close to breaking the wooden fence. Stitch Head was panicking until, he anxiously squirted the creature in its dry mouth and …..

‘It worked!!!’ Stitch Head said proudly, as the monster fell to the ground with a big THUMP! Stitch Head laughed happily. ‘The medicine actually worked!’ he said in complete shock. He did a little dance… until suddenly the creature started moving.

‘Oh no! It’s awake!’

By Rosa in 3W

Stitch Head sighed as he saw this impressive creature flap his big, owl-like wings on the table for the first time. It was more noisy, violent and spectacular than the professor had ever created, EVER!  Its beating wings were very keen to be in the air, it had doubled in size and grown a full horse tail. It lashed out, leaping off the operating table. It went bizarre, crushing the door and escaping the lab into the open-spaced hallway.

‘Oh dear,’ mumbled the professor.

It’s in the professor’s bedroom… it’s trying to break the window glass!’ muttered Stitch Head, as he threw his bag over his head and looked inside. Suddenly he felt something.

Pitter, patter... What was it? What was that noise?  Stitch Head stood silent, the only movement was his heart beating.

‘It’s the monster!’ he cried, trying to feel for a useful thing in his bag. He felt nothing. The second time, nothing…

‘Finally!’ he gasped.

He had less than a second to make a decision!

‘I have to use it’ sighed Stitch Head, as he pulled out a bottle with some sticky stuff in it. The bottle read: ‘Get your claws calm’ and it was his last hope before the wild mad beast got out of Grotteskew. He sneaked up onto his claws and dabbed the mixture out of the bottle.

‘This is it!’ said Stitch Head, holding his breath. ‘One drop is enough!’

Stitch Head stared in awe as the monster got easily tamed by him. He was the one who saved Grotteskew.

By Jade in 3W.

Week 1 - Guy replies!

Week 2 - Email to Guy from 3L


Dear Guy,

We are 3L and we are loving reading and learning about Stitch Head so far, we have just read about the Creature's meeting with the other monsters.

Thank you for answering 3RA's questions, we found your answers very interesting!

Dawud and Martin have some more questions for you...

  1. Why is Stitch Head so small?
  2. How does Stitch Head escape from the castle?
  3. Does Stitch Head die when the story ends?
  4. Has the professor got any family?
  5. How old is Stitch Head?

Looking forward to your answers!

Here are some of our conversations between the creations in the castle. We hope they amuse you.

E-speak soon.

Year 3

Week 2 - Writing from Year 3

Valentina (3L)

“Ooh I think I might have some delicious lunch today.” snarled Gem as he got closer to one.

“No don’t eat them, they’re my friends!” whispered Stitch Head.

“Shut it,” shouted Gem.

“No, no I’m just a finger-headed dog, I’m not delish, I’m disgusting and I would roll everywhere,” it said as Gem approached.

The Gem approached the flesh-eating chair. “What are you? You look disgusting, well let’s try you.” snarled Gem.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo,” it screamed as it ran away. “I am a flesh-eating chair and I taste like like like nothing.” it shouted as it pointed at Stitch Head.

“What? Why are you pointing at me?” Stitch Head whispered walking towards him.

Demi (3L)

The creature froze as a round shape emerged from the darkness. It had large fluffy wings, big pointy horns and a poison tail. It rammed and scrambled with it’s enormous, long legs as it screamed at the top of its lungs. “Get out of my way NOW!” shouted the creature.

Paddy (3L)

The creature laughed as a metal, inhuman shape appeared from a dark corner wrenching itself into the lonely corridor. It had a dark, black beard and one 7-foot hat with a rusty metal tube making a racket on its head. Floating over the creatures, it advanced over to the creature. It groaned and leaked with smoothie-like sludge from its mouth as it scuttled towards them. “Move it little,” snapped the creature.

“No-one talks to me like that!” he said as he jumped and made a web for the beast to land on.

“So, you’re gonna play dirty are you?” muttered the creature.

Farley (3RA)

The creature stopped as an unusual, large, dusty shaped creature slipped out of the shadows into the moonlit corridor. It had a shiny rock body which moved at the speed of a plane. It screamed as it glided over the stone floor.

“Oh gosh. You have fancy long arms.” Screamed Killing Fire Scorpian.  “Do you find them helpful to get things from far away?”

“Oh, thank you so much for noticing, you fire shiny dabber. They are not that helpful to be fair.” Replied Billie.

Leila (3RA)

The creature screamed as a mysterious, bird-like creature slipped into the moonlit corridor. It had ginger feathers all over its inhuman form and squawked as it whooshed down the straight corridor.

Grace (3RA)

The creature stopped as an odd, bulbous mysterious shape came out of the shadows into the moon bathed corridor. It had a skinny body, which moved on a single slimy arm rather like a slug. It splattered as it glided over the wood floor.

“Oh gosh, well you have a very furry head.” Gurgled three-headed monster.

“Do you get hot or what?”

Miley (3RA)

The creature froze as a sloth dog shape emerged from the darkness, dragging itself into the dark corridor. It had hairy hands with tentacles whipping out of its amazing and fantastic legs, each of which walked with a limp. It whispered and dripped clear see-through spit from its mouth as it tiptoed towards them.

Albert (3W)

The creature almost punched himself in the head as the razor like monster came shuffling out of the darkness. It had six spikes on his back, thorn like detonating teeth and a fat solid body.

“Oh hi!” said the monster, jumping on to the creature’s head.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” squealed the beast, trying to bat it off.

“Be careful” shouted Stitch Head, slowly pulling the talking beast off.

Elliot (3W)

The creature pushed the goose-pimpling mist out of the way and out of the darkness a small, round, fluffy cute creature emerged from the shadows. This 30 by 15cm beast had a big chubby belly that you just wanted to hug and white fluff.  It wanted to have a hug.

“Dad, Dad, Daddddyyyyy?” yelled the tiny beast.

“Aaaahhhh, not me. I’m not your dad.”

“Whaa, you’re not dad…”

“No, he is not your dad,” whispered Stitch Head.

“Bbbbbbbut, who is his dad?”

“I’m his Dad!” groaned the cute creature’s Dad.

Iggy (3W)

The creature turned around and saw a shadow. “What’s that?” he asked with a bored expression on his face.

“What’s what?” whispered Stitch Head.

“I really don’t know mate.” Zero answered scratching his head.

The shadow grew bigger and it became clearer. It had a human shaped head with long blue horns, a monstrous face that was a metal tray with green and blue paint as eyes. Its legs were logs and its body was covered in leaves. The shadows seemed to disappear and the strange figured appeared.

“What are you?”

“I don’t know,” the tree creature answered looking down with a frown on his face. “Who are you?”

“I’m Zero,” explained the beast.

“I’m Stitch Head.”

“Hello there,” whispered the tree man with a grin on his face.

“You don’t need to say hello again,” remarked Stitch Head.

“I’m not talking to you,” chuckled the tree man.

“Then who are you talking to?”  replied Zero with a confused expression on his face.

“My other friends,” laughed the wood monster.

Week 2 - Guy replies!

Week 3 - Email to Guy from 3W

Hi Guy,

It’s Freddy here with Brodie. We are in 3W, the W stands for Winter, Mrs Winter.

How are you? Mrs Winter told us you have been camping, did you write a book while you were there?


Here are some more questions for you…

How long does it take to write Stitch Head?

Have you made Stitch Head into a movie?

Do you like to colour in? Do you have a favourite colour?

What is your favourite car brand?

Do you play card games like Uno?

What is your favourite food?

Have a nice weekend. We are looking forward to your next challenge.


Brodie and Freddy

PS Happy birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you


Happy birthday to you!

Hip, hip hooray.

From the weird creatures of 3W.

Week 3 - Writing from Year 3


For this challenge, I'd like you to think about Stitch Head's new 'friendship' with the Creature, and especially what happens after Stitch Head meets Fulbert Freakfinder. No one has come to the Great Door in decades, so Stitch Head has had the shock of his almost-life when he encounters Freakfinder. It leaves his heart shaking and his mind racing. 

Fortunately, the Creature is here to cheer him up! 

How does the Creature try to make Stitch Head feel better? What does it do to take Stitch Head's mind off his encounter? 

Let your imagination run as wild as a turbo-charged axolotl!

Jae, 3L

His was the dustiest, crustiest, mustiest room in the whole entire universe! The dungeon was so smelly and soggy that nobody went there. The dungeon was Stitch Head’s favourite room because it was forgotten and that’s the way he liked it… just alone and silent…but today he was not alone…

The beast who had been talking almost the WHOLE way through was retching in disgust. “Eurghh this place… it smells rotten!” he said smelling the air and gagging, “Have you ever heard of cleaning before?”

“Oh no, what did you do?!” gasped Stitch Head as he approached the door. Stitch Head could see hundreds of purring cats around the room and neon pink walls dribbling down with other colours.

“Oh I haven’t finished yet but SURPRISE!” squealed the Creature, “I’ve made us a lovely calming fun room!”

“What have you done?!” he screamed. As Stitch Head gazed around the room, he was horrified to see more cats coming towards him. He backed away holding a cleaning spray. “Be gone demons!” he shouted as he sprayed the spray.

Seydina, 3RA

Stitch Head sneakily crept to the door. He opened the door. “Aaaaahhhhhh” he cried. “Fulbert FreakFinder”

He slammed the door closed. He ran into his room and started to sweat really bad. The creature was confused.

Teddy, 3W

His was the dirtiest, mouldiest room in the whole of Grotteskew. The room was in a dusty old attic where no monsters could bother him. The stairs creaked and the corridor echoed so loudly it would scare the other creatures. But not this one. As it entered his old room, he saw that it had started to decay “Wow Stitch Head your room is so small,” boomed the Creature, as he bumped through the door, smashing the wall in seconds. He saw a mouldy old spider infested crack straight ahead of him. The creature began ripping Stitch Head’s awards off. “You were the first monster!” shouted the Creature.

“Yes,” sighed Stitch Head, suddenly putting the awards back.

As Stitch Head turned, he saw the Creature hanging a disco ball up. It covered the room with red, surrounding every wall. The Creature started doing the Mexico dance.

“Join me Stitchy Boy,” yelled the Creature in excitement.

“Never!” exclaimed Stitch Head, “and don’t call me that.”

Stitch Head suddenly went into a rage of anger, ripping anything he saw except the Creature and his award. “Stttiiitttchhh  Heeeeaaaddd, what are you doing?” shook the creature in fear.

“Fixing the place,” screamed Stitch Head in rage, ripping apart the disco ball.

The creature still shook then grabbed Stitch Head tightly. He shouted, “what are you doing?”

“Let me go!” yelled Stitch Head, trying to break free.

“I'm stopping you and no,” exclaimed the Creature, now screaming and putting Stitch Head in the cleanest spot of his room, now called the naughty corner.

“I don't want to be here.” whined Stitch Head.

“Well I don't care,” replied the Creature calming down.

“Please,” pleaded Stitch Head.

“Fine” sighed the Creature putting him in the not so dampest corner and letting him go. Stitch Head ran as fast as his little legs could carry him (which wasn't very fast).

Oscar, 3L

His was the dullest, dampest, darkest dungeon in all of Castle Grotteskew. In fact, the room was so dull that you could nearly get bored to death. The dungeon was Stitch Head’s favourite room of all Castle Grotteskew because he was alone.

“Awwww, this place is revolting, who would like to come in here?”

“Me.” he answered.

“No! What have you done?” Stitch Head screamed. As he entered the room, thousands of dogs surround him.

“Oh I was about to add cats but who cares.” answered the Creature.


“I can fill it with rabbits?”



“No, that’s even worse.” Stitch Head replied.

 Eva, 3L

“Oh no, what did you do?” gasped Stitch Head as he approached the door. “My my my room, what did you do!” muttered Stitch Head as he gazed upon all the different colours.

“Great isn’t it?” replied the Creature.


“Yeah, your right, no puppies.”

“No not that.”

“What’s wrong?” asked the Creature.

“EVERYTHING!” screamed Stitch Head.

Evan, 3RA

His was the deepest, darkest and dustiest part of the castle. The dungeon was the most dirty old room in the castle, that's why no monsters went there. The dungeon was the only place where he could be alone finally and do his own things, but not today. Because today there was a creature that was so small and cute, he wouldn't run away.

“Oh my gosh. Why do you hide here, you could go out and play with the other monsters. They are so much fun.”

Elsie, 3W

Stitch Head’s was the smallest, darkest, most hidden room in the whole of Castle Grotteskew. Under the stairs was peaceful unless there was a creature lumbering down them. (Which wasn't very often.) Stitch Head felt at home when he climbed through the creaky trap door; that nobody else knew about this apart from him. He especially liked his room because he was all alone when he snuggled under the covers of his cosy sleeping bag (well apart from special Mr Snuggles, who was Stitch Head’s stitched up teddy bear.) The little trap door led into a small corner which had a very messy stitched up bean bag that was black and grey just like the rest of Stitch Head’s room.

As Stitch Head and the Creature entered the tiny room, the Creature started to poke around his food cupboard. “NOW THAT I SEE ALL THIS FOOD, I FEEL QUITE HUNGRY” exclaimed the beast, grabbing a gummy from the shelf. “WAGT IBS FIS?” chewed the Creature, holding up a green glowing ball. “FES BINGS LARE FREALLY CHEWY!”

“Oh no!” Stitch Head breathed as he approached his bedroom door.

“I DECORATED YOUR ROOM FOR A TEA PARTY!” squealed the Creature.

“A tea party…for who?”


“Well…um, OK” wobbled Stitch Head.

“SURPRISE!” cheered all the other monsters as they jumped out of different hiding spots.

“AAAAAAhhhhh,” screamed Stitch Head, falling backwards in his chair.

“What happened?” Boomed the Creature, rushing in to the room with no pants on!

“Ooooowwww,” whimpered Stitch Head, clutching the back of his head.

“We were trying to cheer him up like you said.” The monsters mumbled.

Chula, 3W

Stitch Head’s room was so messy, it looked like an elephant lived there. There were some potions like levitation, wolf away, no grow. There was even spider juice. He kicked the tiny door down and squished his head through the door frame. “Help please,” wailed the Creature, his voice echoed across the room.

Stitch Head felt like his stitches were coming undone. “What have you done? What was that? Is it a type of music? No!”

“Oh, I like it…we could paint your room neon orange and pink and green. Oh, are you OK? You look constipated.” He muttered to himself. “Let’s party!”

Stitch Head calmed down a little then his face went bright red. “What is that?” He screamed as he pulled the cover off it.

“I found this thing in the Professor’s lab, it’s called a bike.”

Joshua, 3RA

His was the dustiest, mankiest, oldest corner of all of the dusty, mankey, and old corners of the castle. The room was the most broken, dilapidated room in all of Grotteskew. All of the other creations were too scared to go there, which suited Stitch Head perfectly. The room was the one place Stitch Head could be truly peaceful and alone, away from the other creations. Except for today. Where there was one very funny creation making lots of noise. “Oh” buzzed Bloodbath “why are you hiding? The other creations will love you.”

Stitch Head crept nervously and peeked through the door. There was Fulbert.

“Ah” said Stitch Head.

“I am taking you and your little friend to my circus!”

Week 3 - Guy replies!

Week 4 - Email to Guy from 3RA

Dear Guy,

Daisy and Kaan here today from 3RA. Back again with the RAs!

Kaan is really enjoying the book, his favourite part was the cliff hanger about who was at the door!! Daisy loves the craziness of the monster.

We are glad you had a nice birthday (Mrs Aplin told us it was the 13th of May!) and we are sorry that there was a spider in your shoe when you were camping, but we did think your spider car was pretty awesome!

Questions, questions:

  1. Kaan loves sport (he is pretty nifty with a squash racquet!), what sports do you like playing or doing?
  2. Daisy is getting into reading and wants to know, what is your favourite book? Hers is Rainbow Grey by Laura Ellen Anderson
  3. We know that you love cheese, are you a vegetarian?
  4. Daisy is a fashionista, she wants to know what are your favourite type of shoes? And how often do you buy new shoes?
  5.  Mrs Aplin says that she has seen on the internet that the movie of Stitch Head really is being made, are you going to be helping with filming and choosing how it looks?

We can’t wait to see you and to find out about this DINGLE DANGLE!


Kaan, Daisy Mae and all of 3RA.

Week 4 - Potion Designs

Week 4 - Guy replies!

Week 5 - Email to Guy

Hola! Bonjour! This is Ronnie and Cooper here, saying hello again from Goldstone.

We have more questions for you...

What is your favourite hobby? Ronnie enjoys diving into a pool.

Cooper is going indoor sky diving. Have you ever done that?

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

What is your favourite fruit?

Do you like Nike or Adidas?

What was your favourite book to write? Why?

Ronnie has a cool bedroom as it has a climbing wall in it, whereas Cooper has a black and grey bedroom. What is your favourite room like? Is it like Stitch Head's?

We can't wait to find out your answers. 

Have a nice half term.


Ronnie and Cooper.

Week 5 - Guy replies!

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