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Reading at Goldstone


This link will take you to the Reading is Power area of our dBprimary site.


Why do we do it?

Here at Goldstone, we LOVE reading and we know that reading helps us with every single part of our learning. We think that reading, and enjoying reading, is one of the most important things we can learn to do. 

On the community page, there will be different things that you can find.

Competition page - there are lots of competitions that you and your children could do at home from different organisations. We will link some of these competitions here.

Grown-ups page - this is where you can go and have a look at some helpful hints when reading with your child.

Author Boxes - this is something that the KS1 children know all about. We will bring some of the author boxes online so you can still share with your favourite authors. We have also set up some author boxes for KS2 as well.

Storytelling - on these pages you can hear some of your teachers reading picture books or a series of chapters from a longer book. 

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