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Here are some snippets of the sorts of things going on in our school!

Dress Down for Ukraine

On Friday 11th March the whole school took part in a Dress Down in support of the Ukranian people, and the Red Cross Appeal for Ukraine.

Some children chose to wear yellow and blue to represent the Ukranian flag, and with a suggested donation of a £1.00, the total amount raised on the day was a staggering £1565.00!

As always the kindness and generosity of our children and parents/carers has amazed us and made us proud. 

March 2022


Lemonade & Cake Sale!

In addition to the dress down day, a small group of Year 5 children decided to hold a lemonade and cake sale! With the help of their parents/carers, Zain, Aneurin, Rudy, Franc, Blakely, Josh, Dylan & Will produced an amazing selection of cupcakes, biscuits, welshcakes and lemonade. Despite the imcelement weather, with torrential rain making them have to host the sale in the school reception, they raised an impressive £405.00 to add to the £1565.00 raised by the DressDown Day! Well done boys, you have made Goldstone proud. 

March 2022




The Copper Monsters Coin it in!

The start of the Autumn term saw the school being overtaken by a gaggle of ghoulish creatures, much to the surprise and horror of the grownups! What were there monstrosities with their scary teeth, googly eyes and garish adornments, they cried? Copper Monsters, came the surprising reply!

An ingenius idea cooked up by FrOGS, a Copper Monster, it turns out, is a large decorated jar, designed for the collection of, you guessed it, copper!! (By copper, we of course mean the coin kind, not the teapot kind!) Each class received a monster, and the children were asked to try and fill them using 'spare' copper change from home. 

As the monsters filled up, the FrOGS took the change to get it counted, with the running total a staggering £275!! The monsters are now back in their natural habitats - the classrooms - eating up more of their chosen treats, with the added incentive that the class who collect the most, receive an extra afternoon of Golden Time before the end of term.

It really does go to show that every penny counts!

Its a Bugs life at the 5* Bug Hotel

A group of keen eco warriors from Year 4 recently spent the afternoon creating a bug hotel with the help of Ruth the gardener.

A scientific review from 2021 had looked at 75 different studies covering a range of insect groups from around the globe, and the results were both startling and alarming. It revealed that over 40% of all insects are declining, and a third are endangered. The data suggests that the rate of decline is at least 2.5% per year.

"So we built them a 5* hotel as they deserve a little “me time” 🤣", explains Ruth.



They used a selection of found materials, including card, old pots, straw and twigs to create new habitats for wildlife. They counted how many bugs and creatures were found at the site of the hotel - which included a few ants, a worm and a wood louse. They plan to return in a couple of weeks to see how many more creepy crawlies have moved in and made themselves comfortable in their new luxury habitat. 

June 21

Bedding down in the Goldstone Garden!

Since returning to school in the Spring, it seems like the gardeners have barely slept....... which is perhaps why Ruth and her team of green-fingered helpers decided to up-cycle a double bed, and turn it into a flower bed….!! You certainly can't accuse these lot of sleeping on the job. Sweet dreams - or should that be sweet peas?!

(For more information on the Goldstone Garden see the 'Goldstone Garden' pages)

June 2021

Year 3 Become Paleontologists for the Day!

January 2022

Year 3 trip to Butser Ancient Farm