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Week 2


Week 3: Challenge o’clock. Describe where you think Stitch Head might live.


His was the spookiest, messiest of the attic rooms in the castle of Grotteskew. The room was so scary and terrifying that Stitch Head was the only creature that was happy to go there. This was exactly what he wanted; to have some peace. Today though, he had love.

“O.M.G…is this your house? I hate it…I mean I love it,” shouted the Creature.


His was the dullest, most hideous corner of this despicable place called Castle Grotteskew. The trap door was so horrible and haunted that Stitch Head was the only creature who dared to go there. This was just what he wanted, to be alone.

Today though, he was not alone.

“Oh, is this your home? There is no slime?” asked the Creature.


His was the darkest, dustiest, spookiest corner of Castle Grotteskew. The toilet was so smelly and dirty that none of the horrible creations ventured there, and that was exactly how Stitch Head adored it. The toilet was the only place he could get some quiet…except for the rats squeaking and spiders running across the floor.

And today, one annoying and loud Creature.

“Oh, it’s got a bed that has stitches all over it.” Said the Creature. He then saw a wardrobe at the bottom of his bed, full of potions. On the door were signs that said, “GET OUT!”

In the room, Stitch Head had black and red wallpaper, a t.v., and a bunk bed with all his teddies on. Around the room, he had candles, lamps and pegs.

“SURPRISE!” The creations were all set up for boogying, with guitars and a piano. “Do you like it?”


“Is that a yes?” Suddenly the music went on loud. Stitch Head stamped in and unplugged every plug and shut it all down.

“THIS IS MY HOUSE!” shouted Stitch Head. “GET OUT NOW!”


His was a damp, freezing, slimy part of the castle. The dungeon was a dark black and grey hole. Stitch Head liked it because there was no-one around him.

Stitch Head came back and saw a slight tint of colour. He raced down in panic.

“SURPRISE!” The whole room was pink.

“What have you done?”

“Isn’t it great? I found it on my way to see your pet whale.”


His was the scariest, darkest, dampest place in the castle. Stitch Head liked it because he was alone and had peace and quiet.

“Why is it so disgusting?” shouted the Creature. “Did you decorate it?”

“No, no, no. What happened was, ” said Stitch Head.


His was the quietest, squished place in the corner of Castle Grotteskew. This bit of the roof was the most dangerous and ugly, that no creature would go there. This was just what Stitch Head wanted because he wanted to be alone. Today though, he had a creature that kept on following him.

“Uuummmm, is that yours because there is only a bed,” said the Creature.


A few minutes later, huffing and puffing, they reached the dungeons… Stitch Head’s home. The Creature had to stoop low to get through the door. This house was the dullest, darkest and most miserable place in the whole wide unpredictable world.

As the Creature entered, he felt something on his face. He stopped and opened his eyes and screamed! On his face there was a moist, slimy revolting and massive…. FOLCK!

“Help! What is it?”

“It’s a folck…don’t move!”


“A folck is basically a human sized cockroach!”

“A what?” screamed the Creature again.

Soon they got the folck off the Creature. As he looked around, he saw a small brown bed in the corner of his room and a ‘trick or treat’ food bag next to it.

“I’m going to go, you stay here,” said Stitch Head reluctantly as he went down the hall.

When he came back, he saw a green glow coming from the door.

“SURPRISE! I mixed your potions together, cos bigger is better than small, right?”

“NNNNNoooooooo,” said Stitch Head dominantly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I really am. I didn’t mean to upset you,” sobbed the Creature solemnly.


His room was the darkest, dustiest and most mysterious dungeon in Castle Grotteskew and Stitch Head loved it. He was all alone except for his dog Rafity and the cockroaches… and spiders… And now, a big monster.

Goot was stomping on everything and Stitch Head said, “Please, I am begging you, DON’T step on that.”

“OK.” Said the Creature.

“No, don’t step on that…or that…”


His was the cleanest, nicest and most amazing place in the castle. The light dungeon was shiny and secretive. And that was why Stitch Head liked it. The Creature loved it too.

“Wow,” said the Creature, “it is amazing, and it’s like a mansion inside.”

“SURPRISE!” shouted the Creature.