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Introducing the Goldstone Governors....

Nicole Monney - Chair of Governors

Nicole Monney

I became a parent governor in 2015 and was co-opted in 2019. In 2020 I was elected Chairperson.

I currently work for a longstanding and community-led charity, the Hangleton & Knoll Project, managing an employability and arts programme. I have over 25 years' experience working in the voluntary sector in positions that have spanned frontline delivery through to programme coordination, chief executive and consultancy roles. I hold qualifications in Youth & Community Work, Health Promotion, and have a long history of establishing multi agency partnerships across sectors, as well as frontline experience delivering pshe, anti-bullying and transition work with children and young people in both schools and community settings.

Social change and social justice are guiding principles, I believe that people are the experts in their own lives, and I am a Champion for Autism and broader neurodiversity awareness.

I feel incredibly privileged to have a strategic role at Goldstone Primary, helping to develop and shape the school development plan and to provide the very best environment for our children to learn and grow.

Pronouns: She/her

Jeremy Kempton - Vice Chair/Chair of HR, Finance & Premises

I have two boys at Goldstone (in years 3 and 5) and have been a parent governor since March 2019. I am the chair of the Finance, HR and Estates sub-committee and am the governor subject lead for the maths and the citizenship/PSHE/SRE areas.

Away from Goldstone I have worked as a civil servant in central government for nearly 20 years and am currently a Deputy Director in the Department for International Trade, having previously worked in the Home Office, Department for Work and Pensions and Department for Education.

I hope that this has given me a broad range of skills and experience that I can draw on as a school governor to help maintain Goldstone as a great place for our children to learn and grow.

Jeremy Kempton

John Cooper-Chair of SDP Committee

John Cooper

I have been a community governor at Goldstone Primary school on and off for about eight years now. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to participate in the governance of the school and try to bring a community perspective to that role. 

I was a teacher of primary and secondary school children for a number of years but for the last ten years I have worked as a therapist in the local community, often supporting children and young people's emotional needs. 

I am also involved in a number of community projects in the local area, including Hangleton & Knoll Food Bank. I strongly believe that, where able, we all have a role to playing supporting our local communities, which is what drew me to being a school governor.

Mark Sheehan

Mr M Sheehan Teacher

I have been a teacher at Goldstone since 2002, mainly teaching in Key Stage 2 but with some experience of Key Stage 1 and EYFS.  During this time I have been part of helping the school to grow from humble beginnings into the wonderful community that it is today. I am currently Year Group Lead for Year 6 and also lead computing across the school with the aim of making all our children responsible digital citizens of the future.

Being part of the governing body at Goldstone (since May 2019) is a role of great responsibility and I  hope to make a valuable contribution to its strategic development.

Julia Hendry

I have been working in mental health for 18 years. I currently work for the YMCA Dialogue Therapeutic Service as Clinical Reflective Practice Supervisor & Trainer, supporting Counsellors, Managers and Front Line Staff working with children and young people in schools, community and housing Services. Prior to this I worked as a Project Manager developing access to the arts and employment for Deaf and Disabled people.

I feel passionate about the welfare of our children and young people, safeguarding, child protection and community building is the focus of my work.

I have been a Goldstone parent for 10 years, which has been a very positive experience. I am delighted to have become a governor, joining a dedicated team of people, working with staff to make Goldstone an impressive school.

Julia Hendry

James Gomez

James Gomez

I think Goldstone is a fantastic school, and was very pleased to be elected a parent governor in early 2020. Both our children are pupils, and I love the creative, inclusive and nurturing environment that we’ve experienced so far. I want to use my time as a governor to be able to give something back to the school and help it develop over the next few years.

Outside of school, I co-own and run Boulder Brighton climbing centre in Portslade which I set up with a good friend in 2013. Our business is all about building an inclusive community of climbers, and it has been a huge education in terms of making good decisions, organising finances, nurturing talent and supporting staff, all while trying to minimise our impact on the environment and run things as ethically as possible. Before this I spent about ten years in the media sector, including as a Strategy Manager at Channel 4, learning a lot about creativity and business.

I’m hoping to apply some the things I’ve learnt along the way to my role as a governor, and help to make a great school even better.

I’m a member of the HR, Finance & Premises sub-committee.

Flo Sparham

I came to Goldstone Primary school in September 2015 to teach whole class music as a subject specialism around the school. In this role I have been privileged to teach every year group from nursery to year 6, to lead the school choir and orchestra and support our whole school music and performance curriculum. Before coming to Goldstone, I taught as a class teacher in various year groups at schools in Brighton &Hove and East Sussex. I have three children and have served as a parent governor in the past, I am enthusiastic about community engagement and working with others to create and maintain opportunities for all our children. 

I am excited to be part of the governing body and represent my colleagues at our dynamic and forward-looking school. I am particularly interested in equality and diversity and strengthening engagement with all of our community stakeholders.

Ms F Sparham Teacher

Mita Patel

“I have two children at Goldstone and have been a parent governor since April 2021. Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed supporting the school in its work on sustainability and in making the most of our fantastic school grounds. It’s been great to see the gardens benefiting children and teachers in outdoor learning and in supporting their mental & physical health.

Born and raised in the city I have been involved in various community organisations and projects, promoting culture, diversity and inclusion, from a very young age. It’s great to see that Goldstone is made up of such a diverse community in both cultures and background.

Away from Goldstone I am the Sustainability Lead at Brighton & Hove City Council and have been working in sustainability for over 20 years. I'm passionate about protecting our environment and supporting a shift to more sustainable ways of thinking, living and working that can have a positive rather than negative impact to our lives and the planet. Amongst other things, I currently oversee the schools environmental and climate education programme which will be embedding climate & sustainability learning more firmly into the curriculum and classroom learning - supporting teachers with knowledge and resources they need to prepare our children for the future and the opportunities a more environmentally aware society will bring.

I look forward to working with the whole school community in building on the hard work that has been achieved over the years in making Goldstone such a great place to work and learn.”

Mita P

Andy Peart

I have a daughter at Goldstone in Year 5 and have always been impressed by the school and the community that surrounds it so I was really happy to be elected as a parent governor in May 2021.

My background is in trade unionism. I worked for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) (now the National Education Union) for eighteen years where I was an Assistant General Secretary with the responsibility for managing the legal and representation department. I currently work for the Ministry of Justice as an Employment Tribunal member.

During my time working for an education union I learnt a great deal about the school system and the challenges that face teachers and support staff as well as the factors which combine to make a successful school. I hope to utilise the knowledge and experience I gained over those years to contribute to the thriving learning environment which already exists at Goldstone.

To follow...


Teresa Murphy

Teresa 2

I have always wanted to contribute and give back to the school. I have a son in Year 1 at Goldstone and another hopefully joining Little Owls next year. 

My background is in education and working with young people.  I spent nine years as a Secondary and Sixth Form teacher and, while teaching became a Widening Participation Coordinator, working with students who were first in their family to apply to university.  As someone from a similar background, I have always valued a good foundation in education and the importance of widening access to opportunities and a supportive learning environment.

In the last few years, I have taken a career break to bring up my sons, which has been an absolute privilege but I haven’t completely stopped.  I have tutored and supported students hoping to get to university and worked with students with special educational needs, which has given me a different perspective on teaching and been incredibly rewarding.  I have been an A Level examiner and most recently work at the breakfast club, supporting Year 3 children.  As a parent governor I hope to play a positive role in shaping the development of the school and making sure it continues as a fantastic place for children to learn and grow. 


Annie Russell

I have two children at Goldstone and was really pleased to be elected as a parent governor in May 2021 as I enjoy being part of the Goldstone community and am keen to contribute to the development of this fantastic school, helping it to thrive and face future challenges.

My professional background is in communications, mostly in the public sector. I am currently at the Department for Education, promoting opportunities for adults to develop their skills or retrain, and have also managed campaigns to support young people’s choices from 16. I previously worked in the communications team at the conciliation service Acas, sharing workplace and HR advice and guidance, as well as managing public and practitioner-facing digital communications at the Youth Justice Board.

These roles have helped increase my knowledge, awareness and interest in education and other relevant areas and I hope to bring my experiences gained in them – whether in communications, strategic planning or other management and people skills – to my role as a governor, alongside my perspective as a parent.

AnniePic (1)


Name Role Term of Office Appointed by Original date Committee & group Business /Financial Interests
Nicole Monney Chair 02.11.19-01.11.23 Governing body 02.11.15


Hangleton & Knoll Project that supports and delivers a range of projects in the local community with young people, children and families.
Declared 27.01.2020

Parent of children attending Goldstone Primary

Jeremy Kempton Vice Chair 11.01.2019-10.01.2023 Elected by parents 11.01.2019

Finance, HR & Premises

None Declared 27.01.2020
Chris Pearson Head Teacher 01.04.03-
Member by virtue of their office 01.09.03 ALL N/A





Governing body 28.01.19 SDP - Chair

Declared 27.01.2020


Mark Sheehan  Co-opted staff


Elected by Staff 05.05.2019 SDP None 
Declared 27.01.2020
Staff member
James Gomez Parent 25.02.2020
Elected by parents 25.02.2020 Finance, HR & Premises

I am a joint owner and director of Boulder Brighton climbing centre, which works with
some secondary schools in the area as well as offering climbing facilities to the public. The business does not generally work with primary schools due to the younger ages involved.

Julia Hendry


Co-opted 15.07.2019-14.07.2023 Co-opted 15.07.2019 SDP
Declared 27.01.2020
Parent of child attending Goldstone Primary
Flo Sparham Co-opted 08.12.2020-07.12.2024 Co-opted 08.12.2024 SDP

Staff member 


Mita Patel LA Governor 09.02.2021-08.02.2025 LA 09.02.2021 Finance, HR & Premises Parent of children attending Goldstone Primary


Parent 28.05.2021
Parents 28.05.2021 Finance, HR & Premises Parent of children attending Goldstone Primary
Annie Russell Parent 28.05.2021
Parents 28.05.2021 TBC Parent of children attending Goldstone Primary
Teresa Murphy Parent 28.05.2021
Parents 28.05.2021 SDP Parent of children attending Goldstone Primary
Anne Gibbs Deputy Head  N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Emma Lynn Clerk N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Our Governors do not hold governance roles in other schools. 

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Governors that have left within the last 12 months


Name Role Term of Office Appointed by
Evelyn Barrett-Allen Co-opted 22.06.2019-10.09.2021 Governors
Sarah Wright Parent 21.05.2017-20.05.2021 Parents
Jackie Ames Co-opted staff 23.11.2018-09.02.2021 Governors
Gwenny Whelan-Burch Co-opted  15.12.2018-17.07.2020 Governors
Michelle Prentice Co-opted  28.01.2019-17.07.2020 Governors
Charlie Silver-Burr Co-opted Staff  22.06.2015-21.09.2019 Staff
Helen Beaumont Local Authority 22.06.2015-21.06.2019 LA
Sarah Barnsley Parent  29.4.2016-28.04.2020 Parents


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