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Welcome to our Goldstone Garden

2020 Round Up

Join Ruth and our children as we plant, prune, build, create our wonderful green space..

We are fortunate enough at Goldstone to have a wonderfully large outside space. Recently, Ruth, the amazing horticulturist has joined our Goldstone Family and is now inspiring and teaching the children in all things green

2020 Update

Whilst our children have not been able to do as much work in the living classroom this year as we night have liked, the children have still been as involved as possible making our garden a fun, creative and beautiful space to work and spend time. Ruth has provided some fantastic presentations of just some of the projects that have been undertaken. 




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May Update from Ruth the Gardener

Hi all,

Well its been a productive two weeks. 
On the 8th all the reception classes planted sweet peas. They took it in turns and got stuck in. 
Its our last chance to plant these so i hope they take and we don’t miss our window! Eeeck! 

April Update from Ruth the Gardener

Wow SPRING is really setting in!

I put up some runner bean polls for Year 5 (VE project), They have been growing these in their class room and they are coming along nicely. 

I was donated two more compost bins so we now have 5 and a wormery!! Once the rubbish I’ve built up is collected in the Easter Holidays I’ll sort this area out properly and get the kids to do some signs. 

I cut the grass today (A well needed hair cut!)

From this !

To this 

Todays Garden club got a little over run with very keen gardeners and rubbish collectors (A few team points went out for encouragement, but they didn’t need much) 

These guys were ace today!

They sieved the compost to add to the beds, started weeding the salad beds and also today I’ve organised the reception classes sweet peas project. They have been busy collecting recycled loo roll middles and they will use these to plant in as sweet peas need space for their roots. 

I’ll come in and help them plant on the last day of term. and look after them while they are on their holidays. 

Then we will be planting them out in a few weeks after. Watch this space!

Thats it for now!

Happy Gardening everyone!

Early April Update from Ruth The Gardener

Hello All,

This weeks update from the garden!

Well its now hailing and i’m a little worried about the peas :( ….

Last week I gave Harry from Tuesdays group the job of making labels for the beds in his golden time on Friday. I came in on Monday morning to find these.
They are truly amazing!!!!

Along with Year 5’s seedlings.


This week I cleared out the shed (oh boy it needed it). Just look at it now!



There was a happy little mouse (who had eaten through all the seed packets) and to many spiders! I’m sure they will come back but for now its tidy.

Garden club on Monday was very productive. They deadheaded the daffodils (This puts the energy back down to the build for a good display next year. Remember to leave the leaves on till they go brown). 

The dandelion heads came off to. If you do this in your garden it stops them spreading. You can also dip them in a pancake mix, fry them like mini pancakes and make little fritters with a sweet chilli dip on the side. YUM and a bit of FUN on the weekend! Ms Lucas from the office tried it with her children at the weekend and can confirm that they were delicious!

These guys also picked rubbish, weeded the beds (lots of weeding todo) and watered the vegetable that were put in by Year 5.

Garden club on Tuesday was a bit of a wash out! We cleared the corner by the gate of rubbish and leaves and found an old play pit that was put in the rubbish bin. Up-cycled it to a planter to hold seedlings:

Thanks to Philipa and her keen eye at the tip we have a new water but. This will be in place on the green house. She also donated a rhubarb plant which has gone in.